Your Car, Your Choice

14 Jul Your Car, Your Choice

Nobody prepares for a car accident. Your simple trip to the store or weekend vacation can quickly turn into a calamity because of a mistake or road condition. Through the confusion and panic at the crash site, a lot of unfounded decisions can be made. Many times, police officers are focused on clearing the scene as soon as possible and they will trust the towing company that picks up the phone first.
When it comes to caring for your car at the scene of a crash, it is important to know you have the right to ask for the towing company you trust. Often, your immediate focus is on the safety of yourself and your passengers. However, this usually causes you to delegate responsibility to somebody whose long-term focus may not be entirely on you. It is important that once everybody in the vehicle is safe, you focus on the company you will trust with your car.
If you find yourself amidst an accident, keep in mind you have a choice. At Tiger Towing, we offer many services to ease your stress after an accident. Our office is located at the same location as our towing lot for your convenience. With our secure lot and on-site office to help with your insurance needs, our friendly and helpful staff can help make the process easier.
Trusting a towing company you don’t know much about can lead to further headaches down the road. After an auto accident, it is important to make sure your car is taken care of. We will take the time to carefully remove your car from the accident scene and tow it wherever you need or to our lot. The secure lot at Tiger Towing ensures you know where your car is at all times and no further damage is done to it.
When dealing with the stress of an accident, your peace of mind can be very important. Our devotion to customer service and high standards for customer satisfaction are the foundation of our business and reputation. At Tiger Towing, we will help you through this confusing process and take care of you and your car.
There can be a lot of red tape involved when dealing with your insurance company after a crash. In addition to caring for your car, our experienced staff will help with your insurance needs after an accident. Our team will help you navigate through the insurance process and advocate for you.
Our caring staff makes it their mission to give you the best possible experience. We know that the time after an accident can be stressful and confusing. Knowing that you have the right to choose which company tows your car can greatly impact your situation. With Tiger Towing, you will encounter a friendly and caring staff that works with you from pick up to drop off.
By making sure you have a qualified company with a secure lot and who has your best interests in mind, you’ll be at ease knowing the stress of your accident is almost over. You have the right to tell the police officer you trust Tiger Towing to care for your car. To make this process more efficient, have Tiger Towing’s phone number saved in your phone and the phone of any family member on the road. To contact us regarding a service or to learn more about how Tiger Towing can help you, call us at 573-449-3754.

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